Friday June 18, 2021
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Established in 1981 by Zine el Abidine Chafter and Habiba Raouadi, Chafter Raouadi law firm is one of the leading and most prestigious law firms in Tunisia.

Our purpose is to offer high quality legal services in accordance with international standards to our clients and enable them to get top level assistance in matters related to all fields of law.

We  provide  services such as consulting, contract negotiation & drafting , litigation  with the highest standards for Tunisian and international clients including private companies, public entities and natural persons; across a wide range of legal and tax practice areas in a cost effective way.

The firm has the expertise and experience of a multidisciplinary team who cover the main areas of Tunisian law with an extensive practice in business & commercial law.

We have the capacity to mobilize external resources (university professors, accountancy firm, experts, financial firms, management firms…) to provide our clients with the best  legal and practical  solutions.

Chafter Raouadi Law Firm has also built up strategic alliance with independent foreign law firms which have been selected for the excellent quality of their services. We work closely together to handle cross-border transactions and provide other international legal services to our clients.

The firm is committed to provide efficient legal services with the highest standards of excellence, professionalism and integrity.