Monday October 21, 2019
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Chafter Raouadi Law firm handles a broad range of matters in all fields of public law.

Wa advise and represent public entities (state-owned companies, national and local public institutions, local authorities and their organisations, public-private companies) as well as private companies and individuals confronted with public law issues. We provide for both our legal advices.

Our expertise covers all areas of activity related to administrative law (Administrative & public contracts; public property law, Law on Public Function).

We focus on:

  • Administrative authorisations for the performance of services and professional activities

  • Complex contracts(PPP...) and privatization
  • Negotiation and assistance in concluding the contract (public service delegations', Procurement contracts, State land concessions)

  • State land concessions, construction and long-term leases

  • Tax aspects of administrative contracts


Our firm has also experience in handling administrative litigation. We have expertise in the following issues :

  • Actions for compensation /Actions for damages(Public works damages-Expropriation)

  • Actions against enforcement orders

  • Emergency interim proceedings (obtaining a suspension order, judicial expertise, judicial report)

  • Judicial review of administrative acts

  • Performance of public contracts.