Thursday May 13, 2021
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Chafter Raouadi Law Firm provides its clients with a broad range of commercial and economic law advice, including commercial contracts, distribution & consumer law and competition law.

We advise business clients either companies or individuals in connection to their commercial strategies and will participate in the negotiation and drafting of all types of commercial contracts including agency agreements (commission agent agreements, commercial agency agreements), joint venture agreements, exclusive and selective distribution agreements, franchises, commercial leases, outsourcing agreements and Sui generis contracts.


Our contractual practice includes :

  • Audit of current contracts of contracts proposed by eventual partners and due diligence.

  • Negotiation, drafting and formalization of commercial contracts (agency agreements, joint venture agreements, exclusive and selective distribution agreements, franchises, outsourcing agreements.)

  • Negotiation, drafting and formalization of financing and leasing agreements

  • Establishing preparatory agreements to protect our clients assets (negotiation agreement…)

  • Negotiation and drafting  of distribution agreements and setting up of distribution networks;

  • Assistance in the reorganization of distribution networks and in the breach of distribution agreements


In addition, our firm provide regarding a variety of issues under Tunisian Antitrust & competition laws including (concentrations and dominant positions abuses, Pricing practices, regulations of trade, unfair competition) to minimize the potential for antitrust violations and liability.

Over the years, our firm has acquired experience in the handling of all commercial litigation (pre-contractual, contractual and tort)

We represent clients in commercial law cases before all the Tunisian courts and authorities (civil & commercial district of the tribunal of first instance, court of appeal and court of cassation) competition counsel (conseil de la concurrence) as well as arbitration courts. We resolve domestic and internation disputes for business clients as plaintiffs and as defendants.


Our practice covers the whole range of commercial litigation, notably in :

  • Civil liability actions

  • Commercial leasing or hiring (bail de fond de commerce...)

  • Creditors' rights litigation (price contesting...)

  • Execution and breach of contractual relations;

  • Negligence, evaluation of damages, enforcement, application for revision of terms

  • Unfair competition, abuse of dominant position, fraud and false labeling.