Thursday May 13, 2021
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Chafter Raouadi Law firm has a recognized expertise in company & corporate law both as a consultant and for litigation matters.

We assist our clients during the whole life of the Company.

We regularly advise companies and corporations of all sizes (small and medium, LLC, International groups, listed companies) in all areas of corporate law and suggest solutions that will enable our clients to choose appropriate form and organization that suits to the specificities and needs of their business.


Areas where we can advise include :

  • New business formation

  • Choice of legal form (LLC, PLC...)

  • Drafting of acts of all kinds of companies or corporations.

  • Registration and incorporation of offshore banking units, offshore representative offices of overseas companies.

  • Relations between shareholders

  • Appointment of Managing Directors and Directors of the Board

  • Choice of the manager’s status, tax and social system

  • Delegations of powers

  • Partners’ or shareholders’ pacts

  • Legal secretariat(holding assemblies and board meetings, achievement of legal formalities before administration)

  • Setting-up of Holding

  • Corporate governance and internal control

  • Share capital increases and / or decreases and transformation;

  • Transformation of company, Mergers, Dissolution, Liquidation and Joint venture.


We regularly assist our clients and defend their interests in cases dealing with civil, commercial and corporate law litigation issues: minority assessment, defending directors in liability suits, drawing up assets and liabilities guarantee agreements, enforcement of shareholders’ agreements, settlement of disputes within joint ventures.

In addition, we handle procedures for the prevention of corporate difficulties, and for dealing with difficulties and assist companies and advise them on the choice of the procedure, the appointment of the liquidator or conciliator, the following-up of rescue plan and continuation plan, the negotiation with their creditors (creditors, social organization and tax administration, financial institutions) and formalization of the agreement, elaboration and execution of the transfer plan, the determination of the restructuring measures (company transformation, mergers) and the management of the social and tax consequences.

The firm acts for Tunisian and foreign creditors and helps them to fulfill their obligations (filing statement of receivables, appointment of controller filing claims) in order to preserve their rights.

We also assist and defend both companies and creditors before Tunisian courts in the framework of insolvency procedures.



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