Thursday May 13, 2021
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The legal consultations in the office can be verbal or written and are previously planned by our secretarial department.

The on-line legal consultations obey to the Fees stated later.

The coverage of a file is usually made after a preliminary meeting fixed by our secretarial department.

At the end of this meeting verbal or written recommendations would be addressed to the client on the base of which he decides to confide or not his file to us.

The disciplinary pursuits are within the competence of Mr. the President of the Regional Section of Tunis Lawyers’ Bar, located in the Law Court, Boulevard Bab Bnet Tunis, Tunisia.

We propose to our clients according, first, to their wills, second, to the technical requirements and finally according to the cases to be treated, the 3 following price formulas:


  • A basic rate calculated by hour

This fee can be fixed according to the preliminary agreement with the client in the light of the importance of the case, its complexity, its urgent character, the treating lawyer experience and, of course, the obtained result.


  • A fixed fee :

This price formula requires an explicit and preconditioned agreement with our clients. In this formula the costs that are generally payable on presentation of documents in proof, are included.


  • A conventional fee of general assistance:

Having the vocation to assist our clients in all the aspects of their structures, we are accustomed to concluding with them conventions of legal assistance which cover the counselling, the assistance as well as disputes resolution. This formula allows our clients to benefit from the constance presence of a lawyer to answer all their legal questions, thus benefiting from a daily presence of a real professional partner fighting for their success.


Of course, specific arrangements can be punctually agreed on with our clients through explicit agreements clearly established.

Our fees are subjected to the T.V.A at the rates of 12 %.

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