Friday November 15, 2019
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Age of majority

Promulgation of Law n° 2010-39 lowering the age of majority from 20 to 18.


Promulgation of Decree n° 2010-1753 dated 19 July 2010, on the procedures and conditions for the grant of concessions

Distribution trade

Promulgation of Law n° 2009-69 dated 12 August 2009 on distribution trade.

Financial services

Promulgation of the new Code on offshore financial services.

Money Laundering

Promulgation of Law n° 2009-65 amending Law n° 2003-75 on the support of international efforts for the fight against terrorism and repression of money laundering

Intellectual Property

Promulgation of Law n° 2009-33 dated 23 June 2009, amending and completing the law relating to the literary and artistic property


Promulgation of Laws n° 2009-1 and n° 2009-16  amending the Commercial Companies Code