Thursday May 13, 2021
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Environmental matters are becoming important challenges for industrial companies and public services authorities.

Chafter Raouadi Law Firm assists its clients in environment law and offers a broad range of environmental services, including :

  • Legal advice, opinions and assistance on environmental law aspects in order to help our clients achieve and maintain compliance with environmental laws

  • Preparation of documents and negotiations with administrative authorities in order to obtain permits

  • Taxation

  • Litigation concerning operational permits before the Administrative Court, contractual responsibility or negligence litigation before the Civil Court, cases of environmental criminal responsibility before the Criminal Court(Health and safety, Infringement of waste regulations waste regulations).

Hight oil prices in recent years including the increase in consumption have encouraged investment in new exploration and production projects, particularly in developing countries.

Chafter Raouadi Law Firm help clients with negotiations and drafting exploration and production sharing contracts (EPSA) governed by Tunisian oil and gas law.


In addition, the Firm provides advices and assistance to its clients in connection with :

  • Gas and oil engineering and construction issues (onshore and offshore oil and gas terminals exploitation of natural resources)

  • Interpretation od clauses related to the EPSA contracts

  • Financing, transportation, refining agreements, and general practice related to the energy field.


We provide also assistance to sub-contractors, bound by contracts governed by Tunisian law and assist them to make secure their transaction, notably by dealing with problems coming from the existence of a range of contracts interacting together and can give rise to situations where collaboration is difficult.

We offer clients legal and fiscal advice at all stages of a project or a transaction, fully or partially governed by Tunisian oil and gas regulations.


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