Thursday May 13, 2021
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Foreign investments

Tunisia, one of the fastest growing economies of the world has positioned itself as an attractive and promising investment environment by offering liberal incentives facilitating transactions for international investors and exporters.

In 1993, the legal framework for foreign investment was completed by the adoption of the “Investment Incentives Code”.

The common advantages concern tax relief on profits reinvested within a limit of 35% of the tax base, the exoneration of customs duty and a reduction of VAT to 10% for capital goods imported and the possibility of opting for the reducing charge method for tools and production equipment.

Specific advantages such as exoneration from company tax for 10 years until 2011 and the reduction of 50% of the taxable base from the 11th year for an unlimited period, the exoneration of registration dues, total exemption of duties and taxes for capital equipment including goods transport equipment, materials, semi-transformed products and the services necessary for the activity are granted to companies wholly devoted to exporting.

Foreign participation in industrial companies and services is unrestricted. Foreigners may, without prior authorization, hold up to 100 % of the capital. However, certain service activities other than those totally devoted to exports are subjected to approval when the foreign participation exceeds 50 % of the capital.

Financial and fiscal incentives have been reserved by the investment incentives code to areas known as "regional development encouragement zones" and "regional priority development zones.

Chafter Raouadi Law Firm counsels on incentives and provides legal opinion, for your investments in Tunisia.

The firm counsels and assists investors in all the phases of their project, from the feasibility Studies and the legal and tax structuring of their investment project to handling any work necessary for its operation.

For each investment project, the firm carries out a strategic analysis of any legal and tax risks so that an optimum investment vehicle can be selected and an appropriate legal solution is proposed.

The firm gets involved in all aspects of the investment process, from the preparation to the negotiation of legal documents as well as handling all legal  and administrative formalities.

Chafter Raouadi Law Firm also assists investors with the financing of these projects (credit operations, legal securities…) and then assures a regular review of each investment operation.